Our Process

Learn how Hatched Analytics creates unique, alpha-generating insights.

Hatched Analytics Process


Our process is built around impact and precision: answering funds’ biggest questions accurately.

Our methodology involves mapping the complete global landscape for each ticker, customizing our approach to suit the company’s global digital ecosystem. 

We gather snippets of transaction data from our active global panel of data owners and meticulously piece this data together to track a company’s worldwide transaction volume. 


Onboarding New Funds

We strive for clients to make informed investment decisions promptly, which is why our onboarding process is simple and transparent. 



Work with our team to discover how Hatched Analytics can help your fund generate alpha. 


Compliance & Legal

Assess our methodology in your due diligence process and review our contracts.


Backtest/Live Trial

Receive a backtest with full historical data or access to the live reports for the next quarter.


Live Access

Create a custom package of reports that fit your trading strategy. 


Access Our Data

Interested in a backtest or a live trial?