Our Values

Discover the values that drive everything we do at Hatched Analytics.

Hatched Analytics Values


Our values underpin our approach to empowering funds. From data collection to productization, we strive to meet these values at every step of the data lifecycle.



We’re stubborn in our quest for accuracy

Funds depend on us getting things right, so we structure our full data collection and analysis process around precision. We pride ourselves on the track record of our unique datasets in generating alpha, with industry-leading error rates.



We have confidence in our data

Our team trust each other, and investors trust us, giving them the confidence to make decisions based on our datasets. At Hatched Analytics, we own our work, communicate clearly and honestly, and always deliver on what’s promised.



We ask the big questions

No question is too big. We look for funds’ most pertinent questions on global tickers, then leave no stone unturned in finding the most accurate answer, moving fast to adapt to changes in a company’s digital footprint.



We answer the unanswered

Our work revolves around impact: how can we answer funds’ unanswered questions? We approach data through a unique lens, inferring and predicting the most accurate indicators of company performance on a global scale.



We do things differently

Rip the rulebook up – we look for people who think alternative data could be done better. Instead of answering the small questions with sample testing, we use advanced proprietary data collection methods to deliver unique, global insights.